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Technology Reseller Magazine V15

The Latest Issue of Technology Reseller issue V15 is now available to read online or download simply click here: TRV15

For a book lover, record collector and even tape hoarder like me, its’s good to see someone at the vanguard of new technology keeping faith with a tried and tested medium, as New Signature founder Dan Scarfe has done by choosing to produce a printed version of his new book Thinking of… Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model: Ask the Smart Questions (see page 50). From feedback we get from readers, we know that people still like to receive and read a printed publication. It’s convenient, versatile, portable, recyclable – and scannable.

When I spoke to Brian Fortune, Sales Manager of PFU (EMEA), for our scanner feature on page 33, he made an interesting distinction between scanning to create an exact copy of a paper document and scanning to capture the document’s content, which might also involve cleaning up and enhancing an image to improve readability. Not long ago, when archiving was the be all and end all, producing an exact replica was vital; today what matters is maximising legibility so that a machine can extract the data, process it and route it automatically.

In a recent report, The Future of Jobs 2018, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts that by 2025 the proportion of all work activity carried out by humans will have fallen to 48%, down from 71% today. The proportion of ‘task hours’ done by machines will have risen from 29% to 52% i.e. more than half. Jobs at risk include routinebased, white collar roles like data entry and accounting, which will increasingly be done by software bots. Positions that require a high level of technical competence (e.g. software developers and data analysts) or human skills, such as persuasion or creative thinking (e.g. sales and marketing) will continue to be in demand. So, too, for the same reasons, will face-to-face contact. For Craig Joseph, CEO of cloud-only distributor intY, who has completed this month’s 60 seconds… questionnaire, that means a lot more international travel and, unless he is granted his wish for a teleporter, a lot more reading time.

James Goulding

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