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Advancing CPaaS With DID Management: The Monetisation Opportunity for MSPs Supplying a Hybrid Workforce by Andrew Whitelaw

Businesses are increasingly transforming their workforce by adopting hybrid working models. For this reason, seamless communication has never been more important. However, service providers are facing challenges when it comes to centralising their communications in a single platform and so are looking to Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions. CPaaS allows service providers to unify cloud communications without interfering with their back-end infrastructure.

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of Springboard, a platform provider for managing and optimising voice and messaging businesses. He is a veteran software developer and routing expert with decades of experience transforming business intelligence for start-ups through to Tier 1 telcos.

The user base for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom is increasing, and in 2022 Statista reported that the number of global daily active users on Microsoft Teams had reached 270 million.

When businesses use these solutions effectively, it improves communication and customer satisfaction, leading to expanded revenue opportunities for the service providers delivering these communication platforms. However, service providers are failing to maximise their opportunities and reap the full benefits of monetisation.

To effectively support hybrid working for existing customers, in addition to having the capability to expand their customer base and solutions, service providers must implement an effective number management system. By using a single platform, service providers are able to manage and deliver global numbers seamlessly, enabling enhanced connectivity across the organisation.

Challenging Workforce Demands

An efficient hybrid work environment calls for effective collaboration tools that can meet challenging and constantly changing demands. However, many organisations lack these, and their day-to-day operations are failing to be optimised both internally and externally as a result.

Weak external communication impacts customers and results in harmful effects on businesses. By failing to have strong communication management tools in place, high levels of customer service aren’t delivered and customers may be lost. Additionally, the move to hybrid working means reaching fellow employees internally should be made a simple process. Being transferred to automated menus and failing to be connected to the right person is a huge barrier, causing huge losses in time.

Because of this, there is an increasing need for service providers to deliver consistent, high-quality communication solutions to businesses in this working environment. CPaaS platforms are providing huge benefits when it comes to connecting the hybrid workforce and the shift has created a profitable opportunity for service providers. But, if they lack the management tools to keep numbers organised, they’re not making the most of the chance to monetise CPaaS to support the hybrid work model.

Service providers simply cannot integrate telephony into communication and expect to see improvements without the backing of a strong number management system such as Direct Inward Dialling (DID).

Seamless DID Number Delivery

Managing and delivering CPaaS numbers efficiently requires a quick and flawless system. DID enables businesses to assign phone numbers to employees without the need for a separate physical phone line. Integrating a management tool increases efficiency for businesses whose employees benefit from having access to the direct numbers of individual members, removing the need for a human operator.

DID management is successful at increasing efficiency both for employees as they can directly reach other team members for internal communications.  For customers, the right DID solution can mean businesses are able to avoid the hassle that comes with changing numbers by providing all-in-one number porting. It is vital that with the rise of hybrid working, communication with customers remains straightforward and efficient.

Order management is also key to customer experience. With the visibility DID management provides them with, teams are able to monitor the order’s journey from inventory to after-sales service. To further seamless customer experience, customer service teams have unique phone numbers to make the process as simple as possible.

Not only with customers, but communication within hybrid teams is crucial to smooth operations. With DID solutions, rates can be regulated and monitored to simplify processes and provide a new level of transparency for service providers.

With access to seamless delivery of numbers and maximised visibility from DID management, service providers will receive more business from organisations looking for better flexibility and a solution fit for their new working model.

Monetising Operations for The Hybrid Workforce

According to research from the Office For National Statistics, from September 2022 to January 2023, 44% of workers worked at home or hybrid. This is a figure that will only rise due to lower costs for businesses, increased productivity, and flexible schedules for employees.

Service providers must prioritise how they operate and deliver numbers to profit from the advantages of improving CPaaS platforms. Monetising CPaaS will revolutionise business processes to unlock budget saved from the move to hybrid and support the growth trajectory of the global shift.

DID management allows service providers to offer high-quality customer service, increase delivery speed and maximise margins through one singular platform. This way, they can keep up with the demand for number delivery and ultimately transform how they operate.

The conjunction of DID management with CPaaS delivery will revolutionise the future of hybrid working. Service providers should be evaluating their position to secure and scale their businesses for the future. With effective DID management, in the age of hybrid working, they can unlock the monetisation opportunity.

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