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Circular computing to reveal new it industry breakthroughs at Sustainability event 

Panorama’s Adam Shaw to host free event featuring insights from Government and Public Sector, Tech Giants, Academia and Certification bodies

Event aims to educate UK’s businesses on benefits of sustainable IT as research suggests e-waste dump amounts to £10bn each year globally[1]

The latest breakthroughs in the world of sustainable IT will be revealed at an industry event on Thursday 28thOctober, hosted by Circular Computing, a global leader in remanufacturing of hardware and presented by Panorama’s Adam Shaw.

The free online event, “Sustainable Tech: The Future Reimagined”, will bring together industry experts in the government and public sector, tech giants and academic leaders to discuss the future of sustainable tech for business, featuring commentary from the likes of Steve Wozniak and Google’s Matt Brittin.

The event comes as figures estimate that domestically there are approximately 40 million dormant devices across UK’s businesses[2]. As a leader in the remanufacturing industry, Circular Computing has stopped over 10,000 metric tonnes of waste from entering landfill, the equivalent of the height of the Eiffel Tower and its foundations.[3]

With the sustainable IT agenda now entering the mainstream and as businesses across the UK look for alternative means to stimulate growth whilst achieving their sustainability targets, Circular Computing is ramping up its efforts to educate business leaders and consumers about the future of sustainable IT.

The event itself will unbundle what sustainable IT is, how it works, and the ways in which the world’s leading corporations are currently engaging with more sustainable strategies to drive forward a more future-proof IT agenda.

The circular economy innovator will also make a major industry first announcement during the event.

Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability, Circular Computing comments “We’re incredibly excited to host industry leaders and clients as well as our government partners as part of this breakthrough industry event. It is set to be a stimulating and exciting debate about the future of our respective industries, ultimately outlining the future of the sustainability agenda.

“Since 2015 we’ve invested over £25 million in innovation to bring to market the world’s first remanufactured laptop where the quality is equal to or better than new, while facilitating a 40% saving on price, and our latest company milestone is set to once and for all prove the quality and reliability of remanufactured devices.

Haskew continued: “Circular Computing was set up to bring the same level of consistency in supply scale and condition as the brand-new channel. We make it possible to supply our customers with the most sustainable laptop on the planet that delivers all their technology needs, with no risk to the product’s cosmetic, technical or warranty performance. We’re looking forward to revealing how sustainable strategies like these can impact business growth and most importantly, the future of our planet.”

To sign up to Sustainable Tech: The Future Reimagined for free, please visit:

About Circular Computing 

Circular Computing™ is the world’s first secondary equipment manufacturer. The parent company, A2C Services Ltd has been around since 1992, but in more recent times set out on a mission with a simple thought – how can we remanufacture a laptop to be ‘like new’?

Since then, the business has built a state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility and developed a 360-stage, five-hour process to deliver HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops that have comparable performance and reliability to ‘new’.

Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability & Social Leadership, Circular Computing

In his role as the Head of Sustainability & Social Leadership, Steve Haskew leads on defining, developing, and implementing the CSR strategy for Circular Computing. His vision is a key driver of growth across the business and ultimately looks at achieving a reduction in carbon footprint.

Whilst being at the helm of Circular Computing’s sustainability strategy, Steve is leading on helping the business achieve other sustainability targets, including funding the planting of 1 million trees by March 2023 and reaching Net Zero carbon footprint by 2030.

An industry veteran of over 40 years – Steve’s career has so far spanned numerous roles and responsibilities, including pioneering and defining the role of the ITAD (IT Asset Disposition), reverse logistics and the principles of re-use in the 1980’s and 1990’s. His first major project was acquired by a bank which went on to fund his own book of assets, after which Steve then headed into real estate and fund management, before joining Circular Computing in 2015.

More broadly, Steve’s life passion lies in all things Sustainable IT. From Circular Economy to Remanufacturing, Resource Preservation, E-Waste and Decarbonisation, Haskew is an avid expert, and a renowned name in the industry. Steve holds values of a fair and equal modern society close to his heart, ensuring issues such as modern slavery and hyper-consumerism are tackled head on.

As a keynote speaker on decarbonisation and Circular Economy strategy, Steve has directly helped to re-shape how corporate IT is produced and consumed, shifting behaviour to create meaningful sustainability impacts that can be measured and reported.

 Scott Mac Meekin, CEO, Circular Computing 

Scott Mac Meekin leads Circular Computing, heading up its mission to create a more ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible way to buy enterprise grade IT.

As part of his role as Chief Executive Officer, Scott leads on strategy and business direction as Circular Computing re-manufactures and distributes the world’s first Zero Carbon footprint laptops. His day-to-day role at Circular Computing involves building an innovative team, driving strategic change, and leading the execution of technological transformations.

With over 30 years of industry experience under his belt, and with numerous leadership roles in the CleanTech sector, he is a passionate advocate of transforming the way the world uses and consumes technology. Scott is also a non-Executive board member of TriFast, an LSE main board listed company serving world class manufacturing companies in the tech and automotive sectors across the globe.

Despite leaving school at 15, later in life Scott went on to become an active student and advocate for widening access to education, graduating from UCLA, Harvard Business School and National University Singapore (NUS), since serving as chairman of the NUS executive advisory board for 5 years.

Whilst Scott grew up in California, he has lived and worked across the world, in Latin America, Asia, and Europe, helping him foster a truly global view on the tech economy and lifecycle. Outside of work, he credits creating a more sustainable future world for his two young daughters as a key motivator for driving the sustainability agenda forward.

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