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Circular Computing launches global ITAD programme to help leading ITADs fight against e-waste

Circular Computing, the global leader in remanufactured IT, has launched a global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programme with sustainability at its core, helping ITAD thought leaders to provide an essential planet-friendly initiative to reduce e-waste.

The programme is set to accelerate its mission to create a more ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way to buy enterprise IT, Circular Computing’s ITAD programme will assist partners in decarbonising their processes and help them to deliver against a growing sustainability agenda, to help close the loop for sustainable supply to its’ industry leading remanufacturing facility.

Joining the programme will also offer ITAD partners to join in and add value to the conversation around sustainable IT, and have the opportunity to be involved across a truly sustainable business model, from reforestation projects, to offering social value and sustainability commitments, aiding ESG reporting.

Entering an already established industry, the Circular Computing ITAD programme offers a unique opportunity, prioritising sustainability, establishing a global network of partners and offering their expertise as a strategic sustainability partner, rather than just a manager of e-waste, reverse logistics and data security. The programme has four key aims:

  • Extend the life of IT: Helping more computers to be reused for longer
  • Move towards zero e-waste: Preventing useful IT from being prematurely scrapped
  • Planting and growing trees: Funding 5 trees for every computer that is bought through the programme helps to deliver the global net zero carbon ambition
  • Measure sustainability impact: Providing unique reporting on the sustainable and positive impacts of assets

With recent reports showing that the sheer scale of electronic waste (e-waste) continues to grow at an alarming rate, Circular Computing’s integration with the ITAD network, will open the opportunity for ITAD’s customers’ e-waste to be effectively re-used to create a new sustainable product – namely, a remanufactured device. This revolutionary process goes beyond refurbishment, extending the life cycle by three years or more, while guaranteeing an ‘equal to or better than new’ quality, as recently highlighted by Circular Computing’s prestigious BSI Kitemark certification.

All of the remanufactured devices to be sold via the ITAD programme will be carbon neutral, helping businesses to not only meet sustainability targets including the Climate Change Act in the UK but wider Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the carbon zero obligations set via the UN.

The launch of this programme is badly needed as UN research reveals 160,000 laptops are disposed of every day in Europe alone – of which 70% could be re-used but only 20% are.

Scott Mac Meekin, CEO at Circular Computing said: “We are delighted to be launching a programme that enables the pioneers in ITAD to deliver a more sustainable service while delivering against the increasing demand for sustainable technology. This is all made possible through utilising the benefits of remanufacturing to close the loop in IT disposal, alongside the added sustainability benefits the programme offers.”

Steve Haskew, Head of Sustainability at Circular Computing added: “By launching our own global ITAD programme, we have the opportunity to impart our sustainability expertise to further help the industry tackle the growing e-waste problem. Our new, sustainable ITAD programme, goes beyond simply allowing enterprises to reap the benefits of carbon neutral hardware, but delivers added environmental and social value too. This expansion of our offering will allow us to reach a greater number of partners through the ITAD network, driving the transition to a circular economy and helping businesses meet the UN SDGs.”

About Circular Computing™

Circular Computing™ is the global leader in the remanufacturing of laptops, on a mission to create a more ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible way to buy enterprise grade IT.

Operating from its state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility, Circular Computing has the world’s first and only BSI Kitemark™ for remanufactured laptops, certifying that it produces products ‘equal to or better than new’ as required by the BS standard 8887. Through its 360-point stage Circular Remanufacturing Process, Circular Computing delivers HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops that look and perform like new, all whilst ensuring carbon-neutral processes and end-product.

Circular Computing’s remanufacturing process delivers the innovative alternative to ‘new’, going above and beyond a cosmetically improved finish to ensure an intense focus on performance and reliability. Through its support of worldwide sustainability projects, every Circular Computing™ laptop is also a certified carbon neutral product.

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