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A new way of working

Daisy Group CEO Neil Muller has placed customer adoption of cloud technology at the centre of his strategy to power the success and growth of UK business.

Neil Muller
Neil Muller

Addressing more than 1,500 delegates at Microsoft’s ‘Future Decoded’ event at ExCeL, London at the start of November, Muller described cloud as “a better and fundamentally new way of doing things” and called on businesses to switch on to the transformational opportunities it presents.

Daisy Group, the largest independent provider of IT, telecommunications and cloud services to UK businesses, is Microsoft’s biggest UK partner for the Azure platform.

In a ‘Future Decoded’ Q&A with Microsoft Executive Vice President Julia White, Muller said that talking about cloud as another product was a mistake and that cloud is a whole new way of working that requires a different culture.

“Our customers occupy all sectors – small and mid-market, public and private. They are traditional British businesses, not ‘born in the cloud’ businesses like UBER, NETFLIX or Airbnb, but they are far more engaged with technology development than you might think. We’ve just completed our annual digital survey and the number of small and medium-sized businesses with a digital strategy has doubled in the last year. Sixty per cent of them have a clear digital strategy, compared to 30% last year, with the majority outlining a ‘cloud-first’ approach. Like any significant change in a business, at its heart is the need for change. And this requires strong leadership from the very top.”

He added that it also requires the support of partners that can help businesses manage their transition to the cloud.

“I’m a big fan of cloud and what it can do for business, but I am not yet advocating the cloud as the answer to everything. It’s still about balance. That’s where organisations like Daisy come in – helping customers work out that balance between the traditional and cloud: bringing our decades of experience of traditional IT to our new experiences with Azure. And all wrapped in a next generation managed service in order for businesses to get value from their data and for it to be protected and safe. It’s about finding the balance between having your head buried in the sand or all the way up in the clouds. Somewhere in the middle is right,” he said.

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