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A world of possibility

May 22-23 saw the third annual staging of VR World at Olympia, London. With over 140 speakers, thought-provoking panel discussions and an exhibition, it is Europe’s largest event to focus on the business applications of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Here are seven innovations that caught the eye of Tayla Ansell

A world of possabilities
A world of possabilities

Explore other dimensions with OverIT and Space1

Space 1 brings virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality into business processes through a flexible, multi-platform applications suite.

Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, head-mounted displays and headsets, the suite includes:

Space 1 Maintenance – cut learning times and reduce human error by providing engineers with AR support and guidance when carrying out technical tasks;

Space 1 Virtual Collaboration – enhance training and support by sharing a user’s field of vision with others in real time;

Space 1 Sales – increase sales and aid decision-making by enabling customers to interact with a product catalogue through the virtual display and manipulation of items; and

Space 1 GIS – visualise spatial data through a combination of AR and GIS data, for example by using a virtual overlay to show a field engineer the location of underground pipelines.

Default templates in all applications can be customised to meet the requirements of individual businesses. Space1 is available from OverIT.

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