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AI jobs a struggle to fill

UK firms are struggling to fill AI job roles due to a paucity of candidates with the right skills, warns job site Indeed.

Mariano Mamertino
Mariano Mamertino

Its analysis shows that the number of jobs in artificial intelligence (AI) has risen by 485% in the last three years and that in the last quarter there were 2.3 AI vacancies per applicant with the right qualifications.

Mariano Mamertino, EMEA Economist at Indeed, said: “Employers in every sector are keen to utilise artificial intelligence and need workers with the right skills to fill these roles. Our data shows that competition for this shallow pool of candidates is fierce, with the number of available roles outstripping potential new hires.”

He added: “The AI sector is likely to keep growing as the potential for the widespread application of the technology across different industries becomes clearer. Investing in education and the right skills needed to propel the industry forward will be key to its growth in the coming years.

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