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AI to make cyber-security professionals more productive

Inefficient software plays a major role in slowing down an organisation’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats, reveals a study by security intelligence company LogRhythm.

In a survey of 751 IT decision-makers from the US, UK and Asia/Pacific, over one third said their teams spend at least three hours a day on tasks that could be handled by better software. A majority said the average cybersecurity professional wastes as many as 10 hours a week due to inadequate software.

Chris Brazdziunas, VP of products at LogRhythm, believes AI could provide the answer.

He said: “Applying AI throughout the threat lifecycle will eventually automate and enhance entire categories of SOC activity and enable increasingly effective detection of real threats. AI can continuously learn what is normal and evolve to register even the subtlest changes in behaviour models that suggest a breach might be occurring. By eliminating the noise and accurately detecting true threats, AI enables organisations to minimise false positives and be more productive.”

Less than half of all the organisations surveyed use some form of AI to combat cyber threats, but among those that do, more than 90% believe it has improved the effectiveness of their cybersecurity operations.

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