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AI to take a seat at the boardroom table

Four in five (81%) executives have increased their reliance on automated security solutions, according to a report by cyber security and application delivery solutions provider Radware.

A reliance on automated security solutions
A reliance on automated security solutions

The report, Cyber-Security Perceptions and Realities: A View from the C-Suite, reveals that one-third of executives now trust automated systems more than humans to protect their organisation. More than half (56%) say their company has experienced a cyber-attack in the past 12 months.

Pascal Geenens, Radware EMEA security evangelist, believes that turning towards AI and automated cyber defence solutions is a natural next step given the threat that cyber attackers now pose.

He said: “The findings show that many victims thought they had the correct security measures in place to protect their business, but the reality is that the nature of the threats is constantly evolving and hackers are exploiting tools such as the Mirai or Brickerbot botnets that didn’t even exist when respondents last reviewed their security defences.

“It’s prompting business leaders to consider intelligent security solutions so that they can fight bad bots with good bots. Manual cyber defences are no longer strong enough. Many UK businesses suffer daily attacks, and these attacks can come in many different forms. But what we have seen in the last 12 months is more willingness from executives to look at new solutions to new problems. Failure to embrace automated cyber security systems will almost definitely result in business loss from cyber-attacks. We think it’s only a question of time before AI gets a seat at the board table.”

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