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Alaris ownership

Since 2013, Kodak Alaris has been owned by the Kodak Pension Plan, which has recently expressed its intention to sell the constituent parts of the business, including Alaris. It is likely that any unsold parts of the company will end up under the control and management of the UK’s Pension Protection Fund (PPF). Technology Reseller asked Don Lofstrom what Kodak Alaris’s unusual ownership means for Alaris and whether it causes problems for the company. This is what he had to say:

“The pension trust has asked management to explore options to monetise the business and, if the right value is received, there is a possibility that this business could be sold. If, when we test the market, we don’t get a sufficient offer, the other opportunity is that we stay in the portfolio.

“Even if the pension fund moves under the PPF, we’ve been told that they will accept the businesses as operating concerns. Today, we operate under a board structure and the PPF have said they would expect that type of governance structure to remain intact.

“My focus and mission is to manage Alaris for the long-run and to create long-term value. That’s good for us and for our owners, whether we are owned in our current structure, whether we are under the PPF and have a different form of trust owner, or whether we are to be owned by an alternative strategic or financial buyer.”

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