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An Award winning mum in tech is on a mission to open the eyes of women globally to empower more mums finding themselves jobless or in career limbo

A mum of 2, and serial Entrepreneur, who has just been listed as one of the most influential women in UK tech, by Computer Weekly, is celebrating this week after her newly launched podcast hit the top 20’s in the Global Technology Chart last week.

Born out of lockdown Heather Black, a woman on a mission to encourage more women to embrace careers in tech recognized the impact that Covid-19 was having on other women around her, particularly those who are at risk or already lost their jobs and felt the need to do something to help. She launched the Mums On Cloud Nine Podcast the first week of July to empower women to learn more about jobs in tech and help them build a more resilient career.

Heather, Age, had a goal of getting it into the iTunes Top 200 charts for Technology, to give her the opportunity to make as much impact as possible. She never dreamt it would make top 50, never mind  reaching the top 20’s, sitting alongside sitting alongside Tales of Silicon Valley, Technology Untangled and Digital Planet. .

Heather said: ‘I knew I had to get it into the charts so that iTunes would show it to more people and then I could have the opportunity to help even more of my fellow mums and make a bigger impact on them, right now when they need it more than ever. I just wanted to help them. So I shared it with my global followers to help spread the word. Now I have got this close, I just can’t give up! The feedback I have had from the podcast has been overwhelming! I KNOW through this platform I can help so many people”.

She’s now hungry for the top spot, so that she can reach even more of an audience who really need to hear her message. ‘The Mums on Cloud Nine’ podcast empowers women to explore their potential, create a clear vision for change, find out how to create a life they love and give them the tools to create their own success.

Heather has been spreading the word about careers in technology to mums since 2016, when she launched Supermums, an initiative to upskill and support other mums looking for more work life balance to join the Salesforce workforce, the no 1 global CRM Solution.

Back in 2012 her own job role was threatened by market conditions and she faced that difficult decision of changing career and finding a more flexible resilient career route.  She wanted to find balance between the city and a partner who wanted to live by the sea as well as spend time with a young family and  an ambitious career woman she still wanted a clear career path and good pay.   She decided to take the leap and forge ahead with a new career working with Salesforce platform, the no 1 global CRM solution, which offers international certifications, global career opportunities and more resilient job roles than other sectors.

Since then, Heather has grown three businesses in the Salesforce sector with a staff of 30 people and has upskilled 260 trainees from across 9 countries.

She launched the Podcast, knowing that millions of mums around the globe were now facing a similar situation to her, in that they need to make a choice about their future career and it ignited a powerful flame to reach out in another way to support mums during this time.

Heather regularly presents and inspires mums to consider new career opportunities, and her message has spread globally. She has a following of over 13,000 on Linked In and Supermums has an engaged facebook group with over 1000 members.

Heather said: ”There are some fundamental pillars to my own success and resilience that I have to share with other women out there, and I am keen spread positivity right now and to let people know that there is another way. Through the talks on the podcast show I want to share information, expertise and stories about how to carve out a successful career in tech and to help women see it as an viable option.

She added: “Over the last three years I have been upskilling women in salesforce technology skills, but being a mum on cloud nine is not just about learning tech skills it’s about all of the other stuff that goes around it. With a background in coaching, I wanted to add another layer of pastoral support that helps to empower women to carve out their career goals, build their confidence, create routine and find a good balance.”

Heather is now dubbed ‘The Salesforce Coach’ and regularly coaches women on her Accelerate your Salesforce Career’ coaching programme through Supermums.

You can check out the podcast at



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