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An end to miserable meetings

Cisco is promising an end to miserable meetings with the Cisco Spark Board. Positioned as an affordable replacement for the mix of limited, unconnected hardware used in meeting rooms today, the interactive whiteboard/video-conferencing display integrates with the cloud-based Cisco Spark platform. It can be controlled from a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile, with no need for a Bluetooth, WiFi or network connection. Ultrasound wireless pairing means you can walk up to any Spark Board in any location and it will recognise you, making it quick and easy to share material. A Cisco Spark Meetings app adds popular Cisco WebEx functionality, including the ability for attendees to whiteboard together (even without a Cisco Spark Board), to schedule meetings and to create team spaces where participants can see the meeting agenda, share content, chat and post comments and meeting notes. Cisco is bringing out 55 and 70-inch Cisco Spark Boards, with prices starting at $4,990. A subscription to the cloud service costs $199 per month.

A Cisco Spark Meetings app adds Cisco WebEx functionality
A Cisco Spark Meetings app adds Cisco WebEx functionality
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