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Arc Expands Its Network Footprint in Bahrain with Presence in Global Zone

 Customers gain access to colocation, connectivity and interconnection via the highly secure, carrier-neutral digital business platform

Arc Solutions has expanded its network to Bahrain in the digital business platform Global Zone, following its vision to provide seamless access to growing connectivity and commercial hubs across the Middle East. Arc’s presence in Global Zone gives its local and global customers flexible and scalable colocation, connectivity and interconnection solutions in a key regional market.

The expansion in Bahrain follows the launch of Arc’s software-defined networking (SDN) nodes in datamena and Etisalat SmartHub data centres in June 2021. Arc’s customers can now connect to datamena and SmartHub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Global Zone in Bahrain, with a single provider and contract. Arc’s roadmap includes further expansion across the Middle East planned for the latter half of 2021, with plans for over 20 locations in the region over the next three years.

“Our customers can rapidly roll out new applications and services across key digital hubs with a simple and seamless model. As more hubs come online, we’re delivering the solutions that remove the barriers to innovation across the Middle East and empowering customers with rapid access to connectivity and data centre services,” said Mahesh Jaishankar, CEO at Arc. “Our presence in Global Zone is another milestone on our journey and brings us closer to achieving our vision for a hyperconnected intra-regional connectivity platform.”

Global Zone is a carrier-neutral digital business platform based in a highly secured Tier III data centre in Bahrain. It offers terrestrial and subsea cable access services, IP Transit and global Ethernet, in addition to colocation and interconnection solutions. In April 2019, Batelco partnered with Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) to introduce Manama Internet Exchange (MN-IX) within Global Zone. Customers can peer and exchange traffic in a secure environment.

“We welcome Arc to Global Zone and look forward to enabling its customers to connect and grow in new markets. It is great to support a business with a unique vision for the market and ambitious plans for connecting the region. Together, we can support digital innovation and growth in the Middle East,” said Hani Askar, A/General Manager at Batelco. “Global Zone is continually adding new partners and expanding its ecosystem. Arc’s presence adds new options and increased choice for carriers, cloud and content players, and enterprises active in Global Zone.”

Arc is simplifying intra-regional connectivity in the Middle East for carrier, cloud, content and major enterprises. Its intelligent regional network is designed to give customers rapid access to a rich ecosystem of networks and data centres across the region. Intra-regional connectivity can be complex and involves managing numerous service providers, navigating distinctive legal and regulatory frameworks, and aligning product and service characteristics to deliver a seamless customer experience. Arc is removing these complexities to provide rapid access to the connectivity and infrastructure that organisations need.

About Arc

Arc is a provider of integrated networking solutions that simplify connecting and optimising applications and services across the Middle East. Carriers, enterprises, cloud and content providers benefit from intelligent edge networking that delivers rapid access to networks, points of presence, data centre infrastructure and subsea cable systems. Arc puts customers and partners in control of their connectivity in the Middle East and enables them to seamlessly connect across the region’s commercial and communication hubs. Launched as an independent provider with investments from du and Batelco, the team at Arc are experts in connecting hubs in the region with experience in serving the largest and most innovative local and global businesses. It is no longer about having a single hub for the Middle East, but how fast you can connect hubs and grow your ecosystem across the region.

About Global Zone

Global Zone is a carrier neutral digital business platform based on a highly secured Tier III Data Centre, which helps customers to operate their digital business in a secured environment. The platform facilitate traffic growth by serving both regional and international partners with the aim of creating a global data exchange that will act as a regional gateway to other parts of the world. This new concept will offer connectivity by serving as the regional carrier-neutral data transit-and-hub for the ever-growing data movement demands and allow service providers to meet in a robust ecosystem.

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