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Authlogics gives resellers free access to password security portal

Authlogics is providing resellers with free access to its online Password Security Portal and Password Audit Tool for Active Directory so that they can identify if any of their existing or prospective customers’ passwords have been breached – and then address the problem with the Authlogics Password Policy Agent.

Running on the IT network, this secures the Active Directory against poor password behaviour. Every time a new password is created, it intercepts and analyses it to ensure it is compliant with the latest NIST SP 800-63B guidance.

In less than a second, the password is also cross-referenced against the Authlogics Cloud Password Breach Database, which contains more than half a billion passwords that are known to have been breached. A password will not be permitted for use if it’s found to have been breached.

Authlogics is currently welcoming new resellers at all levels of its Partner Programme.

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