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AzteQ develops framework for digital transformation success

AzteQ, a provider of technology and digital enablement services, is introducing a user-first planning framework for digital transformation. 

Called CUBe, the end-to-end framework provides the foundations for successful digital transformation through a three-stage process covering: 

  • 1 The IT requirements and experiences
    of end users based on engagement with project leads, stakeholders and end users, including 1:1 interviews;
  • 2 Existing technology assets and future needs, including a technology audit, service delivery assessment, cyber security vulnerability review and cloud services strategy review; and
  • 3 Governance and compliance requirements to evaluate known risks to Data Protection Officers and levels
    of awareness of data protection and compliance issues amongst end users. 

AzteQ Managing Director Tim Barber said: “Lack of user engagement combined with often poor technology service delivery and PCs running on alarmingly out-of-date and unsecure software all contribute to inefficient technology performance. This, on an amplified scale, puts huge pressure and risk on a business. The decision-makers are sometimes too close to it to realise the situation, and then comes a brief to add in new technology when the current system is not optimised, with security and compliance issues.”

He added: “Commonplace ‘bolt-on’ routes to technology upgrades are ending badly, as they are not aligned to business objectives and present ongoing day to day risks. Our CUBe framework eliminates these risks by ensuring the business is putting its users first – only then can it deliver a successful transformational strategy.” 

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