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A better posture with a compact keyboard


The new UltraBoard 950 – With this compact keyboard you have less physical discomfort.

The new compact keyboard from BakkerElkhuizen improves the working posture thanks to its slim design and reduces the strain on the forearms.

With the start of spring it’s high time for a breath of fresh air in the office: Ergonomic office supplies such as the new UltraBoard 950 help – a light touch, two USB ports and a quiet, modern design characterize the new product from BakkerElkhuizen. In contrast to the standard keyboards, the keyboard dispenses with the numeric keypad and focuses on compactness due to its narrower form. This reduces the distance to the mouse, which leads to a better sitting posture and relief of the forearms. This promotes more productive work for the individual at the workplace.

Small, compact and mobile

The keys have a slight touch, which is due to the fact that a scissor mechanism was used here. In addition, dark letters are set on a light background to ensure easier reading for the user.

Important product features at a glance:

  • Two USB ports: two additional
    devices via
  • Connecting the HUB
    • Four shortcuts: Allow direct dialing
      from Browser, Email, Screenshot or
    • Ergonomic shape: compact shape
      prevents forearm problems


  • Stop: light, tactile stop feedback
  • Compact design: thin, narrow shape creates better posture
  • Bright key colour: facilitates reading and optimizes productivity
  • Dimensions: width 285 mm, height 19 mm, depth 147 mm,
  • Weight: 455 gram

The new UltraBoard 950 is available from selected distributors. Click here for an overview.

More information about other products as well as about BakkerElkhuizen can be found on the homepage.

About BakkerElkhuizen

BakkerElkhuizen, based in Moers, Lower Rhine, is a Dutch company specializing in the development of ergonomic solutions – software and hardware consisting of high-quality materials – for modern work areas. The combination of know-how, years of experience and research enables BakkerElkhuizen to offer a wide range of high-end solutions designed for the well-being and productivity of the individual in the company or in mobility. BakkerElkhuizen will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019.

BakkerElkhuizen’s solutions are the result of investment in research and development to respond to the needs of employees and new concepts for better collaboration. CEO is John van Hooft, who drives the company forward with a vision that focusing on people and their well-being can benefit both the employer and the employee.

Today, BakkerElkhuizen has offices throughout Europe and the USA, where the company is growing steadily with a broad distribution network and important partnerships.

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Annick Van Mil – PR, Communication & Marketing

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