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Barracuda enhances XDR for MSPs

New integrations expand capabilities of the Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR

Barracuda MSP, a provider of cloud-first security solutions that enable MSPs to deliver advanced, security-centric services for their customers, is building on last summer’s acquisition of SKOUT Cybersecurity with new integrations for the company’s managed extended detection and response (XDR) platform.

Part of Barracuda’s commitment to help its MSP partners to protect their customers from ever changing cybersecurity threats, Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR combines advanced detection technologies and a security operations centre (SOC) providing 24/7 analysis, detection and reporting of incidents for MSPs to action.

Enhancements to the platform built and optimised for MSPs include:

  • the integration of SKOUT Managed XDR and Barracuda Email Protection, which adds email security to the SKOUT Managed XDR platform, including impersonation and domain fraud protection, email gateway protection and access to log data for analysis of threat detection and incident reporting; and
  • the ability for MSPs to extend their endpoint protection capabilities by buying and using SentinelOne for Endpoint Protection through Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR (Barracuda is also integrating SentinelOne with Barracuda RMM).

These developments follow last year’s integration of Barracuda SKOUT Managed XDR with Google Workspace, which enables MSPs to detect attempts to bypass multifactor authentication, escalate privileges and change administrator roles in Google Workspace, and the extension of the XDR platform to MSP partners in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Americas and EMEA, as part of an ongoing global roll-out.

Time to scale

Before Christmas, Technology Reseller spoke to Aidan Kehoe, CEO of SKOUT Cybersecurity, who founded the company in 2012/13 with the aim of creating a standalone platform to enable MSPs to deliver security-as-a-service and make cyber security accessible to smaller businesses.

He said he welcomed Barracuda’s acquisition because it would help SKOUT scale and meet growing demand for security services worldwide.

“I built the business to solve a problem for customers. And if we do that in the larger Barracuda family that’s great, provided that the values are the same, the culture is the same, because we get to really execute on our vision in a more thoughtful way than we could have done as a start-up.”

The integration of Barracuda products like Barracuda Email Protection, as well as those from other vendors like SentinelOne, is clearly an important part of SKOUT Managed XDR’s development into a complete platform, which is where Kehoe believes the future lies.

“I think customers are going to need platforms versus point solutions. They’re going to need scale. They’re going to need international support. Because you can’t just have a hodge-podge of systems that aren’t easy to manage for end users,” he said.

“If you go to a bank, you can get a checking account, a savings account, you can get a money market account and an investing account. You go to that one bank for all these different services. We’ve built a platform for MSPs that lets them see all their security for all their customers in a multi-tenant way, all in one place.

“Even if they are using other tools – and we think they should – they can take those tools and give them visibility and pull them into our cockpit, into that dashboard that MSPs have. We’re technology-agnostic. We want to make sure that best-of-breed technology gets deployed and that we have the option to deploy it on MSPs’ behalf and to manage it on their behalf. It’s all about giving flexibility to the customer.

“I think MSPs are going to standardise on platforms for security, and point solutions will have to integrate with those platforms if they want to get adoption. It is not dissimilar to what’s happened with RMM and PSA over the last 15-20 years; if you don’t integrate into an MSP’s ticketing system, they’re not adopting your technology. It will be the same in security.”

He adds that as security problems become greater and harder to manage, automation and orchestration is going to become ever more important for MSPs.

“If you have a healthcare problem, you call an emergency phone number, you go to the hospital; if you’re a small business today and you have a cyber problem you call an MSP. If you think about the scale of the problem for small businesses and all the tier one cyber work MSPs are going to have to do, unless their systems are built for automation and orchestration so that they can send policy across all of their customers at once, they are not going to make it. That automation layer is going to be really critical.”

Additional resources

In the meantime, Kehoe looks forward to drawing on the additional resources that being a part of Barracuda brings, particularly in relation to product management and support, as he pursues his priorities for 2012.

“Growing is the number one priority, growing our business and expanding it to new markets and expanding within the markets we are already in. The second is making sure we have the right people on the bus, the right people doing the right things, so we’re very focused on recruiting and retaining the best talent. The last is making sure that our offering is really what MSPs need to be successful.”

He adds that feedback from existing customers has so far been overwhelmingly supportive.

“I think the fact that they’ve seen areas of our operations improve since the acquisition gives them the comfort that this is a really good decision. Customers can see the investments Barracuda are making pay off and that’s very reassuring.”


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