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Barracuda helps MSPs prepare for possible NIS change

Barracuda MSP is advising managed service providers that they have nothing to fear from a proposal by Julia Lopez, the Minister of State for Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure, to bring MSPs within the remit of NIS Regulations.

If enacted, this would require MSPs to do more to keep customers’ data safe, for example by carrying out thorough risk assessments, with the possibility of up to £17 million in fines for non-compliance.

JP Kehoe, Senior Director of Barracuda MSP company SKOUT Managed XDR EMEA, says that Barracuda MSP aims to prepare MSPs for any new regulations by helping them put the right skills and processes in place to secure their own environments and adhere to cybersecurity regulations like NIS.

He said: “There are five steps to good cyber hygiene. First, establish what’s important to protect and build defence-in- depth around your data. Second, monitor your environment to lower your response time. Finally, follow a framework to continue to secure People, Process & Technology (PPT).”

He added: “There is nothing to fear from the new legislation for those companies who have taken the necessary basic cyber hygiene steps and Barracuda is clearly focused on assisting them to achieve this.”

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