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Basalt invests in Full Fibre roll-out

Wholesale fibre network provider Full Fibre Limited has announced a financing deal with specialist infrastructure investment fund Basalt Infrastructure Partners LLP that will enable the company to spread its wholesale fibre-only infrastructure to at least 500,000 additional premises by 2025.

The business will continue its focus on ‘forgotten’ market towns and areas in the West Midlands, Central and South West that might otherwise have been left behind in the national FTTP rollout.

The deal gives Basalt a majority interest in Full Fibre and will provide capital investment to expand Full Fibre’s gigabit fibre optic network from 100,000 premises in 2021 to at least 500,000 by 2025.

As a wholesale-only network operator, Full Fibre works with retail broadband providers to deliver gigabit connectivity, rather than selling services directly to consumers.

Full Fibre CEO Oliver Helm said: “Full Fibre’s mission has always been to deliver pure fibre, wholesale-only networks to underserved market towns. We are delighted to work with Basalt to accelerate this rollout, fuelled further by the strengthening of our management team.”

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