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Be more productive with Olympus

Olympus has launched a new generation of dictation management software and portable dictation devices.

A new generation of dictation management software
A new generation of dictation management software

The new DS-9500 dictation device brings greater flexibility and freedom to professional users with the introduction of WiFi-enabled file transfer to a smartphone for instant emailing. Files can also be transferred via the docking/recharging station.

The device’s two noise-reducing, omnidirectional microphones also improve productivity by optimising recording quality in noisy environments, which can reduce the time it takes to transcribe files.

Other useful features include an easy-to-use slide switch for intuitive operation; a 2.4in colour display; integrated memory (expandable via the SD card slot); and a choice of security options to protect files, including PIN code and 256-bit encryption.

The new version of Olympus’s bundled dictation management software, Olympus Dictation Management System ODMS R7, also boasts additional time-saving features, notably the ability quickly to turn speech into text. Key features include:

Automatic dictation import from DSseries devices;

File exchange via email, network folder or FTP;

Player control via footswitch;

Background and real-time speech recognition (in combination with Dragon speech recognition software by Nuance, which must be installed separately);

Support for multi speech recognition profiles; and

256-bit AES encryption.

Olympus portable dictation device
Olympus portable dictation device

There is also an optional System Configuration Programme (SCP) for ODMS that lets you manage dictation hardware and workflows centrally via a web browser. To speed up the manual transcription of voice files (rather than automatic transcription by Dragon), Olympus recommends an AS-9000 Transcription Kit, featuring a stereo headset and USB foot pedal with four configurable buttons.

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