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Brexit is greatest threat

Brexit and rising costs are much the greatest threats to the IT industry in the UK and Ireland, according to a survey of 800 IT and data centre professionals by Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited (UPSL).

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Cited by 35% and 32% respectively, political uncertainty and rising costs were far ahead of the third placed threat, the growing regulatory burden, mentioned by just 13% of respondents.

When UPSL last ran its survey in 2016, the rising cost of energy was seen as the biggest threat, cited by 77% of respondents. Political uncertainty was not even in the Top 10.

In a new question this year, IT professionals were asked ‘What impact do you think Brexit will have on your business?’  More than 60% said the impact would be negative, compared to 15% who felt its impact would be positive.

UPSL Sales and Marketing Director Tim Wilkes said: “When comparing the latest results to those from 2016, it is clear there’s been a significant shift in attitudes. Political uncertainty didn’t register as a top ten response back then but that was before the Brexit vote and the impact that it’s had on the value of the pound.”

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