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BT launches Ethernet Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) solution for Wholesale customers

Ethernet FTTP added to BT’s range of leading Wholesale connectivity solutions

1Gb speeds with fast, flexible and scalable bandwidth upgrades

Prepares businesses ahead of an all-IP world

BT have announced the launch of the UK’s market-leading Ethernet FTTP solution for Wholesale partners as part of its extensive business connectivity portfolio. Available from today, Ethernet FTTP is a full fibre solution that connects from the premise to the nearest Ethernet node, and is designed to meet customers’ growing demand for greater bandwidth and ultra-fast speeds.

BT Wholesale Ethernet FTTP provides businesses with access to network speeds of up to 1Gb, with ultra-low latency that never slows down, no matter how far they are from the exchange. Bandwidth is fast, flexible, scalable and uncontended. This makes it the ideal solution for mid-larger businesses that need to quickly access applications in the cloud, download and send large files or explore links to other sites.

With the launch of Ethernet FTTP, BT Wholesale is the only provider in the UK offering SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) and FTTP on both its Broadband and Ethernet portfolios, providing Wholesale partners with the biggest range of speeds and bandwidth to best support their customers’ transition to an all-IP future.

Paul Beacham, Senior Manager, BT Wholesale, said: “As the UK prepares for the withdrawal of the analogue PSTN network in 2025 and begins to migrate towards fully digitised networks, businesses need future-proofed connectivity solutions that support their digital transformation journeys and their demand for greater bandwidth and speed. BT is at the forefront of this technology shift, bringing the market-leading Ethernet FTTP solution to the Wholesale market to join our full range of all-IP access solutions available – all underpinned by the best fixed network in the UK.”

“Today’s announcement also reinforces BT Group’s ongoing investment in full fibre. We’re committed to growing our FTTP coverage across the UK and are accelerating our FTTP build to reach 20 million premises by the mid-to-late 2020s. With Ethernet FTTP, we’re responding to increasing customer needs for network speeds and reliability, supporting that demand better than any other network provider.”

In locations where Ethernet FTTP is not yet available, BT has a range of Wholesale access solutions on offer such as SoGEA – a Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) solution – as well as dedicated fibre solutions using Ethernet Access Direct (EAD). Combined, BT’s solutions ensure that high-speed internet connectivity can be installed for businesses across more than 95 percent of the UK.

Benefits of BT Wholesale Ethernet FTTP

Speeds of up to 1Gb. Customers will have access to the ultrafast speeds they need to drive their digital transformation plans and embrace an all-IP future.

Ultra-low latency. Connection never slows down, wherever customers are based.

Uncontended, flexible bandwidth. Ethernet FTTP bandwidth is uncontended. Customers will be able to quickly access apps on the cloud, download and send large files and connect to other sites.

Completely flexible, scalable. With a growing range of FTTP bandwidth options, Wholesale partners can provide easy and quick bandwidth upgrades to meet the needs of their customers today and in the future.

Super quick installation. Coverage is already available across many parts of the country, so customers can be up and running in no time.

Expanding footprint. With coverage across more than 80,000 UK business premises already and growing on a daily basis, BT Wholesale customers will be able to reach their customers wherever they are.

A future-proofed solution. Supporting customers’ transition to all-IP networks well ahead of the PSTN being retired in 2025.

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