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BT Smart Hub a smart move

Specialist broadband and hosted voice services distributor DMSL says that the release of the new BT Business Smart Hub is a smart move by the company that will help resellers sell more superfast fibre services.

John Carter, Managing Director, DMSL
John Carter, Managing Director, DMSL

The BT Business Smart Hub supports download/upload speeds of up to 76/19Mbps (now available on BT’s FTTC Infinity service) and features extra built-in antennae for an extended Wi-Fi range. A new BT Smart Scan feature continuously optimises wireless connections to ensure a strong, reliable signal.

Featuring static IP and security firewall functions, the hub is optimised for VoIP, making it an ideal platform for BT’s hosted voice services.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, said: “The launch of the new BT Smart Hub adds even more appeal to BT fibre services and will make them even easier to sell. Wi-Fi is absolutely essential to all businesses. People expect to be able to connect to Wi-Fi all over a premises and get dependable performance. The new Smart Hub gives them that consistency and with its added features, it’s an ideal platform on which to sell BT hosted voice as well.”

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