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BT Wholesale added to The Fibre Café

Strategic Imperatives, a provider of SaaS billing, provisioning, and monetisation solutions for the telecoms industry, has added Europe’s largest wholesale telecoms provider, BT Wholesale, to the list of providers available through its Fibre Café, a market aggregation platform transforming access to the UK’s wholesale connectivity market.

The Fibre Café resolves integration challenges caused by multiple interfaces, technology stacks and long lead times by seamlessly connecting disparate connectivity providers, AltNets and communication service providers through a standards-based interface underpinned by a unified API, common processes and supplier-agnostic order journey.

The addition of BT Wholesale means The Fibre Café can now provide access to BT Wholesale’s Broadband One suite of products as well as those offered by the group’s B2B gateway. Communication providers that are already connected can access BT Wholesale services without the need for any further development or infrastructure investment.

Strategic Imperatives MD Wail Sabbagh said: “Adding BT Wholesale’s connectivity portfolio to the Fibre Café is a major step in delivering our vision of a unified national gateway into the UK connectivity ecosystem. Strategic Imperatives’ commitment to developing and extending the Fibre Café’s innovative ‘build once, connect to many’ model is creating a more equal marketplace, enhancing customer choice and creating a vibrant connectivity wholesale market.”

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