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Built for speed and security

As its name suggests, e-Accelerate is a new tool designed to automate and speed up the sharing of confidential information in a world that increasingly relies on remote, rather than face to face, interactions. 

The cloud platform enables business owners to interact remotely and securely with a network of potential buyers and the Evolution Capital team who can help them develop transaction-ready deal propositions. 

Investors and business buyers can use e-Accelerate’s company finder to search for, filter and find companies that might be of interest to them and to show their interest in finding out more about individual companies by clicking a button to alert the Evolution Capital team. 

The platform, which requires users to sign NDA agreements at different levels, provides three services to authorised users, who are given different levels of access depending on their status. These are:

  • *Matchmaking – business owners can connect to Evolution Capital’s accredited and qualified contacts, giving them quicker access to a greater number of potential buyers or investors.
  • *Process management – e-Accelerator supports the transaction process from the initial business engagement stage through to deal completion, resulting in faster decision- making, greater transparency and more control over the process for all parties.
  • *Benchmarking – buyers and investors will be able to identify high performing businesses at a glance thanks to a benchmarking score showing whether a business is in the top, middle or bottom tier of their sector. 

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