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Businesses in the dark over ISDN switch-off

Nearly half (46%) of businesses have no idea that their communications services will be switched off completely by 2025 as part of the analogue and ISDN switch off, reveals new research by Spitfire Network Services Ltd, a provider of telecoms and IP engineering solutions to UK businesses. 

Its ‘Switch On to the Switch Off’ survey of 400 UK-based SMEs highlights the opportunity resellers have to switch customers to IP technologies and their responsibility to keep customers informed, with 83% of businesses surveyed having no visibility into when their services will be switched off and 77% not having made any preparations for the disruption the switch off will cause. 

By 2025, the last elements of Openreach’s analogue and ISDN network will be turned off and replaced by an all-IP network, but Openreach will be switching off legacy services at individual exchanges before then.

 he first stage is to announce a ‘stop sell’ date for each exchange, after which no new affected services can be ordered and no changes to existing services can be made, no matter how minor. More than 200 exchanges are scheduled to be in the Stop Sell phase by January 2022.

Dominic Norton, Sales Director of Spitfire Network Services Ltd, said: “When you consider that the services businesses rely on to ensure they can serve their customers will be gradually switched off between now and 2025, the lack of preparedness has surprised us. Now is the time to take action.” 

He added: “To facilitate the analogue network and ISDN switch off, newer technologies are being more widely adopted. Those using an analogue or ISDN telephone number service will need to move to Voice over IP and take a SIP service. This could be a cloud PBX, for example, or fibre Ethernet for larger offices. The impact on telephony and broadband services is far reaching and businesses need to be reviewing their options now to ensure continuity.”

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