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Can the right billing solution increase margins and drive progressive growth across your business?

Following the launch of Zoey earlier this year, Tekton are pleased to announce the availability of several margin management tools geared towards maximising the margins of resellers. In the current race to provide connectivity at the lowest price possible, it has become increasingly difficult for providers and resellers alike to increase their revenue whilst staying competitive. Tekton’s ZOEY, on the other hand, has helped businesses grow margins with three forward-thinking features that have ultimately helped to increase revenue.

Tekton’s existing partners have relished ZOEY’s ability to reduce the amount of time required to qualify margins, whether by customer, CLI or network, which is time consuming and frustrating to say the least.

In order to drive efficiency savings and optimise networks, ZOEY comes complete with a suite of margin analysis tools that replicates the day-to-day running of a comms business. This has enabled a proactive approach by providing resellers with a granular overview of the customer base and insightful and actionable usage data to use going forward. This has already enabled their partners to discover new products and services and develop existing ones, with accurate and detailed buyer personas that are based on existing customer behaviour.

Some customers have required complicated rating solutions, with rain-man levels of mental athletics needed to comprehend and action, whilst others have been more than happy with the ability to customise shared bundling packages. ZOEY has already provided users with a level of autonomy and functionality never seen before in a billing platform, enabling them to control as much or as little as required. From minimum call charges, call set up fees to creating dynamic, shared or even aggregated bundles; ZOEY has handled the most complicated tariffs with ease.

With Ofcom’s implementation of bill limits coming in to effect last year, many resellers and billing platforms have struggled to work out which customers are close to their thresholds in order to alert them before it was too late. With ZOEY, feedback has been positive as users don’t even have to lift a finger as the billing platform’s integration with main network API’s has allowed for a truly automatic notification system. This has removed that horrible bill-shock for their users and ZOEY even includes customisable usage limits too, which has taken even more strain out of the equation for billers, whilst still flagging any extreme usage by individual users or full accounts for further examination.

Billing is a complicated predicament and ZOEY doesn’t just do the same job as existing alternatives, it does it better with in-depth analysis of margins that has provided resellers with the necessary information to discover new products and services whilst proactively alerting their users to issues with their plans.

It has proven its ability to provide businesses with complete autonomy to easily create bundles that fit customer needs without having to sacrifice margins and gives resellers the tools to spend less time working our margins and adjusting rates, therefore allowing more time for resellers to do what they do best, serve their customers.

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