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Capitalise on digital transformation with flexible UC & Collaboration solutions from Swyx

According to analyst IDC globally enterprise CEOs are moving DX (Digital Transformation) to the centre of their strategy in order to achieve growth and that more than half of IT budgets will be consumed on DX by 2020. One of the key elements involves replacing legacy voice communications systems (PBX) and ISDN trunks with an all IP network over which cloud based applications are deployed. Help your customers make the transition by offering them the flexibility of Swyx Unified Communications, which unlike many other solutions, is available as both on-premises and cloud.

Whether your background is networking, communications or telephony, every reseller or systems integrator should be able to advise their customers how they can deploy a future-proofed communications systems as part of the overall corporate network. With BT’s announcement to pull the plug on ISDN by 2025, now is the perfect time to prepare customers and at the same time help them to realise the benefits of digitalisation.

Why is Swyx a powerful tool in your sales armoury?

No matter whether you want to sell ‘on-premises’ or ‘cloud’, Swyx provides a convincing financial argument both for you and your customers. It’s perfect for the cloud and with Swyx 0% finance you can also overcome any budgetary barriers to CPE purchases. Even if a company does not want to replace their existing phone system, Swyx can work in parallel to offer additional functionality such as ‘conferencing’, ‘presence’, ‘video calls’, ‘call recording’ and so on. Swyx does not sell via distributors in the UK, giving you more direct access to the manufacturer and greater margin potential.

If you are struggling to match your customers’ exact requirements or simply missing out on new tender opportunities, then find out how Swyx’s software-based Unified Communications solution can help you stand out and win new business in the last quarter of 2017 and beyond.

What are the benefits for you and your customers?

The value of Swyx lies with its flexibility because it is based on software, NOT proprietary hardware or hybrid equipment. It can run on an existing Microsoft Server or in the cloud and does not need additional black box equipment to operate.

Because Swyx is so ‘open’ and adaptable, this means there are endless opportunities for you, the reseller, to customise it to fit the exact needs of your customer and their particular industry, both now and in the future.

With Swyx, as a CPE solution you can continually add new features and functionality, simply via a software download. Not only does this mean that you can sell Swyx’s Software Update Service as an additional revenue generator, but because Swyx is simply another application on the network, it puts you in the driver’s seat to help your customers integrate communications with all other aspects of the business – from the accounting system through to CRM. With cloud-based Swyx, your customers are automatically benefitting from the latest solution.

Key business challenges Swyx solves

• Business continuity & flexible working – during adverse weather or other disruptions, staff can work from any location e.g. at home, with the same office extension

• Saving money – e.g. reduce the duplicating of costs across multiple sites by consolidating receptions at a single site – all calls can be answered centrally and then distributed to the correct location and person

• Support for virtual businesses – Swyx is perfect for flexible/mobile working – one number follows you wherever you are and on whatever device you choose (e.g. mobile)

• Always being available to customers & colleagues – using ‘rich presence’, ‘instant messaging’ and ‘video-conferencing’

• Compliance – Swyx has built-in call recording and can also support PCI

• Better customer service – easy integration with back-office apps gives you instant access to customer information

Join Swyx in Bonn for its annual international partner conference

Swyx is hosting its annual international partner conference on September 27, 2017, in Bonn, Germany. This is the perfect opportunity to meet with the company, find out more about current and future products, cloud strategy as well as network with hundreds of Swyx partners from across Europe. Find out more about the event and how to sign up:

Alternatively to find out more about how to become a Swyx Partner visit: or email and one of Swyx’s UK team will be in touch.

Swyx has also produced a handy guide to Digital Transformation to help customers understand the benefits of all-ip which you can view here:

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