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Changing Workplaces: A new reality

COVID-19 has crated global change like we have never seen before. A key part of the changes revolve around the workplace: from lockdown to remote working and the new changes to the physical workplace. This has accelerated the existing move towards increased remote working and is likely to spearhead a longer term move to hybrid working where people are able to split their time between working remotely vs going to offices. We predict that this doesn’t spell the death of the office but rather its evolution as people will still want to come to the office for in person meetings and social interaction but will be better equipped to work remotely part of the time. As we move out of lockdown, the implications on working and workspaces will affect all of us as employers and employees alike.

During lockdown, Northamber has brought its experience from the last 40 years of supporting the UK channel to play. Being nimble and flexible has meant that the team have been able to respond quickly to the changing and often urgent needs of the channel. For example, by sourcing webcams and digital hand sanitisers to address the surge in demand for these kinds of products.

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The entire Northamber team has remained working during the pandemic, stepping up to support resellers who have found themselves with new challenges: shortages of staff, missing technical and installation skills, financial challenges and new product requirements for example.

The team have provided webinar and training sessions, like the popular Techie Tuesday, where you can drop in and chat with the technical team from Northamber and guest vendors and Webinars to learn about how new solutions can help in the current environment and about new challenges like the increased risks of cyber-attack with the workforce being outside of the regular network environment for example.

Northamber have been supporting resellers with designing AV and IT solutions that meet the changing workspace environment we find ourselves in, this has also included on-site commissioning where required.

“On behalf of ICHP I would like to extend my thanks to Northamber for their fast, reliable service in supporting us to ensure that our staff received appropriate equipment through-out the COVID response. Louise Honeywill, in particular, has always been fantastic in her response times and ensuring that we receive a great quality service. Thanks for our your hard work Lou!” says Chris Marot, Business Support Manager of Imperial College Health Partners.

And as we start to move out of the lockdown there are many changes ahead for employers, employees, office spaces, shared vs personal equipment, collaboration, sanitisation and every other aspect of creating a safe and effective work environment.

Northamber has pull together a guide to support their customers, taking a look into the future of the changing workspace and providing practical information and solutions for resellers. The change has already started so we want to make sure our customers are fully supported and know they can contact the team at Northamber should they need any help or have any questions.

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