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Channel promotions given biggest shake-up in a generation

Consenna launches game-changing sales promotion engine

In a move that challenges long-standing beliefs associated with delivering sales-focused promotions in the IT channel, Consenna today unveils the fastest, most agile, open and cost-effective promotions engine ever.

Available to any vendor, of any size, with any budget and suitable for any product, Consenna Spark™ enables growth orientated businesses to rapidly launch impactful, powerful and compelling promotions, on their terms.  This disrupts the promotions market in a way never seen before. Trevor Evans, MD at Consenna, explains:

“Promotional activity in the channel is as old as the IT industry itself but doing the same things in the same way, only ever delivers the same results.  It’s gone on for too long.  We’re not prepared for that to continue.

 “At Consenna we shake things up and drive positive change so the whole channel benefits, it’s why we exist – promotions felt in need of disrupting.  Consenna Spark™ breaks down any pre-conceived notion of promotions only being available to the largest of IT vendors with limitless budgets and open-ended timeframes.  Disruption of this type changes the promotions landscape forever.”

 Delivered in under two weeks via an easy-to-use selection menu, Consenna Spark™ allows vendors of all sizes to select from a range of rapid-deployment promotions to suit their specific needs.  The interactive tool allows vendors to identify their rationale for a promotion, whether that’s increasing sales volume, increasing average order value, attracting new customers, improving conversion, or growing margins, as well as selecting from a range of target customers.

Significantly, the vendor can select their budgetary parameters, throwing out the notion of only the largest players being able to afford such promotions.  Once the vendor has quickly entered their requirements, a guaranteed quote and build time is provided within 24 hours.  Trevor Evans concludes:

“The IT channel is a rich and diverse community rarely seen as a level playing field – that changes today.

 “With Consenna Spark™, we’re giving all IT vendors the power to achieve growth quickly – our speed to market is going to disturb conventional thinking and set new benchmarks for ambitious, growth centric businesses. No longer will promotions be viewed as a sales and marketing tool accessible to the largest brands with the biggest budgets.

 “Consenna is a team of digital experts with unrivalled experience of the channel, committed to driving positive disruption so all partners thrive within it.  Spark™ is just the first step in our mission to achieve this.  Watch this space in the coming weeks, there is so much more to come, and we’ve only just got going.”


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