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Channel Vision – Garry Growns

Channel Vision Garry Growns

Garry Growns, Sales Director, Daisy Wholesale
Garry Growns, Sales Director, Daisy Wholesale

1 What was your greatest challenge in 2017?
We had a similar challenge to anyone achieving great results, which is how to keep that momentum going. Following a number of years of amazing revenue and bottom line growth, we wanted to maintain momentum and ensure everyone bought into the fact that even more ambitious targets would be achievable.

2 What was your greatest achievement in 2017?
Addressing and delivering against that challenge. Our full financial year is not yet complete, but we are on track for another very strong year. We’ve had a sensational response to our new hosted voice product and our most successful product to date – mobile – still continues to deliver absolutely fantastic numbers.

3 What were the key growth areas for you in 2017?
Our hosted voice product, HV.Select, has been a key growth area because it’s enabling us to help our Partners maximise the convergence opportunity. At the other end of the spectrum, we saw brilliant growth in the traditional lines and calls business. It’s a fantastic stepping stone to SIP and a fully converged solution.

4 Any lessons learned in 2017?
This year, we set up a dedicated sales and support team for the London region. The greatest lesson learned? When dashing around the City visiting lots of current partners and new prospects, don’t wear brand new shoes – they hurt. A lot!

5 What is your main focus for 2018?
To continue the overall growth we have been achieving and, secondly, to help our Partners grow by enabling them to maximise the convergence opportunity. Making it easy to sell and provision the key elements – hosted voice, mobile, SIP and connectivity – whilst helping address security concerns will be fundamental to our approach.

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