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Channel Vision – Ian Kilpatrick, EVP Cyber Security for EMEA, Nuvias Group

1 What was your greatest challenge in 2017?

Our greatest challenge was managing the very high rates of growth we have experienced at Nuvias, as our core practices of Unified Communications, Advanced Networking and Cyber Security continued to expand in EMEA.

2 What was your greatest achievement in 2017?
As above

3 What were the key growth areas for you in 2017?
We had high growth in all sectors

4 Any lessons learned in 2017?
Nuvias is a young company, comprised of three very long-established companies (Wick Hill, Zycko and SIPHON Networks). We are trying to do something very different in distribution across EMEA and it has been both interesting and exciting in 2017 to see how much positive energy has been generated with the coming together of these three companies into one.

5 What is your main focus for 2018?
Our main focus for 2018 is continuing our pattern of growth across EMEA.

6 Reasons to be optimistic about 2018?
Nuvias has gained momentum over the last year with our channel partners and our suppliers. That momentum is growing and we are very positive about the many opportunities that lie ahead of us for 2018.

7 Reasons to be fearful about 2018?
Uncertainty is always a challenge, so the lack of clarity around the Brexit process isn’t helpful.

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