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Channel Vision – John Carter

1 What was your greatest challenge in 2017?

John Carter, Managing Director, DMSL
John Carter, Managing Director, DMSL

Making the complex simple; bringing all the different elements of suppliers’ propositions and programmes together and making them easy for resellers to sell. The other big challenge for me personally, as a Spurs season ticket holder, has been getting to Wembley in time for kick-off.

2 What was your greatest achievement in 2017?
Staying sane? There’s no single thing I’d point to, but being able to help our partners grow again is certainly one. Successfully taking suppliers who are new to channel into the market and engaging partners for them is another. And managing to not use the term ‘digital transformation’.

3 What were the key growth areas for you in 2017?
Ultrafast and superfast broadband grew fast and we see more of that in 2018. Hosted voice has also been a big growth area for us in 2017 and, again, we expect more of the same next year..

4 Any lessons learned in 2017?
Yes, but it’s an old lesson really and one I had already learned, which is basically, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ – or ‘always put substance before style’. There are some great-sounding products and services out there, but delivering real benefits to the customer is all that really matters.

5 What is your main focus for 2018?
The same as 2017, higher speed services and hosted VoIP. We see good potential around GDPR, making sure resellers and their customers are ready for it, and the new MiFID regulations around voice recording in fnancial services. (And trying to avoid labelling everything as ‘digital transformation’.)

6 Reasons to be optimistic about 2018?
With GDPR and more use of cloud, communications services are going to be more important than ever. If Harry Kane stays, Spurs still might have a shot at some silverware. And if he stays fit into June, England may have a sniff at the World Cup.

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