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Channel Vision – John Nolan, Sales Direct UK&I, Westcon

1 What was your greatest challenge in 2017?

John Nolan, Sales Director UK&I, Westcon
John Nolan, Sales Director UK&I, Westcon

Digital transformation. It creates expectations, presenting both challenges and opportunities for the channel. To meet these and enable partners to benefit in the future, we needed to reshape how our business functions and give ourselves the ability swiftly to deliver new services and applications.

2 What was your greatest achievement in 2017?
That very business transformation. Its successful completion has given us the ability – and the platform – to deliver greater opportunities and better solutions more efficiently and to spend more time with customers. This is to everyone’s benefit, especially all our partners and vendors.

3 What were the key growth areas for you in 2017?
During the year our technical, logistics, professional and training services helped many more partners win business, deliver projects and strengthen customer bonds. Our renewals team, for example, showed double-digit growth, earning partners additional revenue through licence renewals and upgrade sales, and helping customers avoid costly downtime.

4 Any lessons learned in 2017?
Expect the unexpected. However much we plan, something will always challenge the world we work in, whether that be politics, the economy or the rise of organised cybercrime. Also, by spending more time with partners you appreciate how many people are committed to improving what has gone before.

5 What is your main focus for 2018?
We are now far more partner-centric and able to deliver more complete, service-backed solutions across our communication, collaboration, security and networking technologies in whatever form customers want – on-premise, cloud, hybrid. This will continue as we add capabilities in areas such as cloud and service development.

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