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Cisco Easy Pay added to Tech Data TaaS platform

In an initiative backed by CF Corporate Finance Limited, Tech Data’s finance partner for Tech-as-a-Service, Tech Data is making Cisco Easy Pay zero-percent financing options available through its Tech-as-a-Service platform, enabling customers of Cisco partners to acquire new networking equipment without upfront capital expenditure.

Cisco Easy Pay provides funding for lower value requirements; the flexibility to bundle software and services into a single package; monthly payments over one, two or three years; and pre-approval for requests that meet pre-set criteria.

Tony Nevill, Director of Cisco and enterprise networking, UK at Tech Data, said: “Having Cisco Easy Pay available through Tech-as-a-Service gives SMB partners a way to make use of Easy Pay for smaller customers and makes it much easier to access and use the scheme. Previously, Cisco Easy Pay would only really have been an option for deals of around £300,000 or more; with Tech-as-a-Service the deal can be any size.”

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