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MHR Analytics: Clear shift to AI

In the last 12 months, more than one third (38%) of companies have enhanced their analytics capability with some form of AI or machine learning.

In a Twitter poll of 500 professionals by MHR Analytics, 19% said their company had made ‘significant’ progress in adopting AI, with a further 19% saying they were ‘steadily’ adding the technology to their analytics strategy.

MHR Analytics’ SVP Nick Felton said: “We are seeing a clear shift in focus in the way companies operate their analytics, with AI capabilities like NLP (natural language processing), machine learning and conversational analytics becoming a reality. Businesses are well aware of the need to adopt this technology and the advantages it can bring, such as increased efficiency, revenue growth, customer experience and overall reductions in operational costs, not to mention the control and stability it can offer in an unpredictable business climate.”

Even so, 62% of firms are still not investing in AI to take them from manual to automated analytics.

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