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3CX Cloud UC & The Customer Experience: The Small Features Making a Big Impact

Businesses across all industries are shifting their focus in huge ways. Not only are IP-based cloud communications becoming more and more commonplace, but companies are increasingly utilising their UC platforms to place the spotlight on improving the customer experience.

Of course, this change is partly in thanks to the very thing that makes UC possible; the internet. As the act of using the web to review, research, book, purchase and shout about businesses and their products continues to grow, so too has company involvement in the online space in order to keep up with customer demands.

So what are the benefits of cloud communications and how have traditional systems evolved to account for customer interaction? Whereas business PBXs and unified communications have largely focused on employee collaboration and B2B communications until quite recently, the real benefit is now in how they can be utilised to enhance customer service and the cloud plays a significant role in its adoption.

Cutting Costs, Keeping Control
One of the main driving forces for the switch to cloud is the significantly lower costs. Whether an SME or large enterprise, the benefits of switching your customers comes from increased revenue potential of managing their cloud. Installation, upkeep and security all add new marketable features.

3CX gives its resellers the ability to outsource hosting with popular cloud providers such as Google, Amazon Lightsail, and Microsoft Azure or they can simply host the PBX in their own cloud account. Since a cloud-based system requires no physical machine, businesses needn’t worry about purchasing and installing expensive and cumbersome appliances.

No matter the stage each business is in, making the move to the cloud ensures easy scalability. 3CX offers unlimited extensions, so this pairs perfectly with the benefits of cloud solutions. The growth options for your customers, and by extension you are boundless.

And finally, going hosted should not mean giving up control of your customers’ PBXs. Retain control over the account, data and settings and, with 3CX, manage it all from the Instance Manager. Monitor resources and performance for multiple instances and perform batch updates when needed.

Instant Communication at the Click of a Button
If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the internet has groomed us into a society that wants what it wants and it wants it now. It’s never been easier to search for and act on a purchase and customers want this instantaneous level of service across the board, whether it comes to customer support, enquiries or complaints. The standard solution is of course to provide a customer service hotline but, in 2019, many customers prefer something that doesn’t require the use of vocal cords.

Live chat functionality is a great method of communication that gives customers an instant solution and boosts their trust and loyalty to a brand or business. Allowing instant communication, at the customer’s convenience, shows you have nothing to hide, and what’s more it’s free. Additionally, with 3CX’s Live Chat & Talk plugin, chats can be easily elevated to voice and even video calls to better assist the customer. What’s more, if a customer makes contact multiple times, all agents can access the communication history in one place.

Easy Integration with CRMs
The ability to integrate with 3rd-party software is key to bringing true value to a UC system. 3CX offers a variety of integrations with most of the leading CRM systems including Salesforce, MS Exchange and Office 365, which enables easy synchronisation between apps. This allows for inbound calls to be automatically linked to customer records and be logged within the CRM package, allowing agents to view and keep track of customer interactions.

In ensuring a seamless experience between the PBX and CRM applications, integrations can be easily configured with ready-made templates or, make your own with the 3CX API. All of this can be done with just a few clicks within the management console, making configuration of the system easier, lowering deployment time and creating a better and easier new system which can be quickly adopted.

Traditional Features in a Modern System
Inbuilt call center features offer enhanced call management and reporting. 3CX includes a call center module which is available in the Pro and Enterprise editions, and helps businesses achieve improved first contact resolution rates with features like call queuing and recording, Call Flow Designer, wallboard, switchboard and more. This powerful module for call center management enables customers to direct manpower and resources where they are most needed, getting calls answered rapidly by the right agent.

With a cloud UC platform such as 3CX, resellers can offer customers of all sizes a simple and flexible system that includes all of the features they need to boost productivity and collaboration as well as improve customer satisfaction. Manage all installations easily from one place without the performance of one PBX affecting that of another, save your customers money by switching to the cloud, and drive additional revenue through value-added services.

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