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Cofense fishing for managed service providers

Cyber security company Cofense is partnering with service providers across the globe to help protect small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from human-driven phishing attacks.

Featuring exclusive incentives and pricing, the Managed Security Service Provider programme provides partners with the training and tools needed to strengthen customers’ defences, build attack resiliency and stop real attacks in progress.

Robert Iannicello, VP of Global Channel Sales at Cofense, said: “Phishing remains the top cause of security breaches, and when it comes to leveraging humans to help stop those threats in their tracks, SMEs can face a significant disadvantage compared to enterprises with more resources. Our MSSP program will arm more small and mid-sized organisations with the necessary tools to build attack resiliency and, most importantly, report, respond to and stop active phishing threats.”

Cofense is looking for interested partners that currently offer a managed security services practice with automated monthly billing, a SOC resource, 24/7 helpdesk and e-ticketing, and monthly security reports.

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