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Consenna launches breakthrough Channel programme for Microsoft in education

Consenna, the leading software and services
business specialising in sales effectiveness programmes for global IT
companies, has launched a comprehensive channel accreditation and enablement
initiative to deliver Microsoft’s EduWins strategy.  It is the first time
total management of the initiative has been delegated externally.

With the aim of helping Microsoft to strengthen the visibility and
availability of its education-specific products and services so they become
easier for schools to discover, the programme is focused on a mix of new
content, impactful training, and marketing support to elevate Microsoft’s
select network of education partners.

Consenna is enabling Microsoft’s partners with a comprehensive suite of
content and services to significantly enhance their ability to evangelise
Microsoft’s contribution in education.  Furthermore, it aims to increase
‘discoverability’ of products and services and facilitate meaningful
engagement with teachers that drives increased adoption and classroom
impact.  Training, support, and demand generation assets are also included.
Additionally, Consenna is auditing each partner to identify where extra
enhancements to the message can be made to further highlight the impact the
right technology has on classroom outcomes.

Trevor Evans, Managing Director at Consenna, comments: “The shift to remote
teaching and learning that occurred last year, has also defined the start of
the 2021 Spring term. This has propelled the importance of technology in
education to a status previously unseen, and certainly not fully

“Our solution maximises the impact of Microsoft’s key partners when they
engage with the education community.  We’re able to support those partners
to improve their discussions with potential customers and in doing so,
deliver not only heightened awareness of Microsoft’s strategy, but drive
tangible sales growth.”

Consenna’s audit of the reseller partners will result in the identification
of five expert partners who will qualify for enhanced support and funding,
intended to accelerate marketing activity, and further enhance Microsoft’s

Chris Rothwell, Director of Education, Microsoft UK, said: “The important
role technology plays in education has never been more visible nor critical,
than it is now. Engaging successfully with the education community is a
skill that requires a deep understanding of the needs and the challenge in

“Consenna delivers an appreciation of how to manage this effectively and in
doing so, enables our selected partners with a level of insight, support,
analysis and training that help us all be best prepared to meet the changing
needs of our education customers.”

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