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Consumers happy to share data

Awareness of their rights under GDPR has made consumers happier about sharing data, according to a new report by Acxiom and the DMA.

The survey also reveals clear understanding of the potential benefits of sharing data, with 57% expressing a liking for some form of personalised marketing and 62% believing it could stop companies from sending them irrelevant marketing material.

Even among shoppers that don’t like any form of marketing, 40% are comfortable with sharing data to avoid irrelevant offers or recommendations.

The report identifies five groups of consumers based on their attitudes to personalised marketing:

1 Personalisation fans (36%) – people who want to receive only personalised offers;

2 All the offers (21%) – personalisation fans who also want to receive random offers so that they don’t miss out on things outside their filter bubble;

3 Surprise me! (10%) – people who prefer random offers to personalised ones;

4 Indifference (15%) – people who are indifferent to personalised or random offers; and

5 Resistant to marketing (18%) – people who don’t like to receive any form of marketing.

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