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Enhanced Reseller Support form Ingram Micro With Maria Jackson, Director of Marketing

What, in a nutshell, are Ingram Micro’s new subscription marketing services?
Our subscription marketing packages are structured with engaging thought leadership material and digital assets that are designed to help resellers with their sales and marketing awareness, consideration and conversion goals.

How do they differ to what was available before?

The reseller marketing subscription services are designed to assist resellers at every point of the marketing journey. Digital marketing and content development from our skilled channel marketers are focused on making the most of any budget, constant marketing efforts on a month-to-month basis, with the freedom to cancel, change or suspend at any moment. Previously, and still available, were one-time services such as video production, email or website design, and blog writing.

Who can access them?

Our marketing services are offered to any UK IT reseller, regardless of whether they presently do business with Ingram Micro.

Why launch them now?

Resellers want more marketing assistance without the risk of long-term commitments or service retainers, as well as experienced channel and vendor knowledge.

To find our more information visit: marketing/ or contact

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