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Create meetings with impact with Vivitek’s NovoConnect NC-X700

With staff returning back to the workplace, businesses are making up the time and opportunities lost to the pandemic. Therefore, collaboration and productivity have never been more important, and solutions that boost them will play a key role in helping businesses bounce back

One such environment where efficiency is key, is the meeting room. It remains a great place to share ideas and thoughts, to make plans and discuss results, and to learn and socialise with colleagues. But meetings are still hindered by connectivity issues when trying to synch devices with screens or displays. 

For over a decade, Vivitek has been introducing solutions that help overcome many of those frustrations, so meetings can start quickly and attendees can get on with the tasks at hand. One such example is the Vivitek NovoConnect NC-X700, a powerful visual communication hub that transforms any display into a collaboration screen and a digital announcement board. 

Naturally, Vivitek has ensured that connection is simple, thanks to the NovoConnect App mirroring the content from mobile devices and laptops, facilitating BYOD and making it easy to bring ideas and content to a big screen. For enhanced convenience, NC-X700 users can also connect using the Windows 10 Miracast.

With the NovoConnect NC-X700, meeting participants are able to mirror or wirelessly show content from any device to a larger display screen. Cross-platform compatibility ensures smooth connection. In addition, users can make a direct connection to the Windows 10 Miracast. Furthermore, the NC-X700 offers a seamless switch to Digital Signage mode (in 4K resolution) in between meetings and transform idle screens into digital announcement boards. The add-on device is ideally suited to those who already have a screen or a projector, but wish to enhance or extend their existing AV infrastructure with wireless presentation functionality, or maximise their screen use with digital signage. 

Thanks to its built-in NovoDS digital signage, creating messages and company announcements is made easy through its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This enables users to transform idle screens into active digital announcement boards to communicate messages, thus maximising their investment. 

As part of NovoConnect’s feature set, there is a complete suite of collaboration tools. Its functionality ranges from the ability to switch participants’ screens dynamically, to displaying up to four participants simultaneously. Meanwhile, advanced moderation functions help the meeting host to remain in control of the meeting agenda.

 Of course, security is just as important as connectivity. With the NC-X700, users and network managers alike will appreciate that all NovoConnect products offer advanced, built-in security features, which includes AES 256 encryption, dual networks to separate guest and employee networks and password-protected configuration. As an added bonus, the optional LauncherOne for laptop connectivity, ensures the solution’s true compliance to DLP policies and GDPR guidelines. All Novo products are designed to be integrated into the network and controlled centrally with the Remote Manager Software. 

If your business is gearing up for the return to work, an NC-X700 will ensure your meetings get off to a great start! 

For more information on Vivitek talk to the AV experts at Northamber on 020 8296 7399.

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