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Cyber Essential Plus certification for IDS Group

Yorkshire-headquartered SaaS company IDS Group (Interactive Digital Systems) has recently been awarded Government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus certification, after an independent audit, assessment and testing of its security protocols showed competency and compliance across five main technical elements: access control; boundary firewalls and internet gateways; malware protection; patch management and secure configuration.

Iakovos Triantafyllou, Systems Security Architect at IDS Group, said: “Information security has always been a priority for IDS and the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation is further proof of our dedication to protecting our customers against cyber threats.”

With teams in the UK, US and Belarus, IDS Group provides secure software and systems integration solutions for partners and clients, including Virgin, KMPG, Nationwide and Vodafone, plus software development, penetration testing and technical due diligence services.

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