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Cyren takes the strain

Fluid Networks, a provider of high-quality IT support, strategic technology, cloud, cyber security solutions and advisory services, has deployed the Cyren Inbox Security (CIS) anti-phishing solution to protect customers’ inboxes and reduce time spent managing attacks. 

In looking for a solution that offered automated phishing detection and automated incident response, Fluid evaluated four solutions before choosing Cyren Inbox Security on the strength of its dedicated Incident Response (IR) capability, effective user engagement, ease of management and cost-effective deployment for MSPs. 

Damian Stalls, Virtual CIO Director at Fluid Networks, said: “Cyren has shifted a huge burden from our team’s shoulders. Other solutions we tried either didn’t have IR capabilities on a par with Cyren’s or didn’t allow us to test them. I no longer deal with phishing emails. I log into the system just to see how much Cyren Inbox Security has taken off my plate and handled without my involvement or the involvement of my team.” 

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