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Data challenges push businesses to the edgeways, says new report by Aruba networks

Almost half (44%) of UK businesses have already deployed Edge technologies to improve their ability to collect, process, store and analyse data at the Edge – and this figure is expected to increase to 67% within the next two years, according to a new report from Aruba.

At the Edge of Change: Navigating the New Data Era highlights clear awareness of the cost and latency advantages of storing and processing growing volumes of data at the Edge.

More than half (57%) of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) surveyed describe their need for systems to handle data from users and IoT devices at the Edge as ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ urgent, with 24% of ITDMs in the UK stating that “there is too much data for our systems to handle” and 30% stating that “we cannot process the data quickly enough to take action”.

Around half think that capturing and acting on data would give them deeper customer insights (52%), increase workforce productivity (51%), improve operational efficiencies and costs (48%) and enable service delivery personalisation (48%).

Just over a quarter (28%) say it would enable them to create opportunities to develop differentiated products, services, revenue streams and business models.

The report also identifies a number of obstacles that are preventing organisations from deploying Edge technologies, notably a shortage of skills within organisations (cited by 87%) and concern that connecting devices at the Edge makes a network more vulnerable (cited by 59%).

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