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Neil Marshall, Director, Client Solutions, Dell EMEA, explains what Dell is doing to stimulate demand for its products amongst consumers and businesses

Neil Marshall, Director, Client Solutions, Dell EMEA
Neil Marshall, Director, Client Solutions, Dell EMEA

Both professionals and consumers today want the latest and greatest hardware, be it a lightweight laptop, a beautiful display or the latest security software.

At work, tech advancements have an effect on recruiting and retaining talent. Dell has seen it in hard numbers – 70% of millennials in the UK say workplace technology is an influence when deciding whether or not to take a new job, according to the recent Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study. Dell is aware of this trend and is committed to providing the latest and greatest across our commercial and consumer offerings.

We’ve taken cues from our XPS design and shifted premium materials, infinity edge screens and touch into our Latitude business laptops and Precision Workstations – investing in design and innovation more than ever before. The inclusion of carbon fibre and magnesium alloy materials into our Latitude, Precision and XPS designs has created stronger, lighter, sleek and beautiful form factors.

In addition, Dell Commercial PCs are the most secure, with industry-leading endpoint security solutions that include strong encryption, authentication and advanced threat protection. In February 2016, we released Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, a comprehensive endpoint security suite with Cylance technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively prevent advanced persistent threats and malware.

Dell Notebook

According to the Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study, UK employees list advanced security protection as the single most important technology to be implemented in their workplaces.

Within the past 2.5 years, Dell has pushed limits across all of its product lines in terms of offering constant innovation and advancements, while other players out there have remained at a standstill.

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