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Digitalised document distribution

Symtrax is an international software publisher, specialising in data and document management solutions. It provides companies with the ability to analyse business data and streamline business processes.

Symtrax applications can be used across all business sectors and all business departments, providing a great opportunity for resellers.

Symtrax offers a 3 tier Partner program:
Reseller level: As a Symtrax reseller you are your own boss and the first point of contact for your customers. Resellers install and support all products, with guidance from Symtrax when needed. You can set your own prices to help reflect your country’s market conditions, and also benefit from annual support and software upgrades.
Partner level: As a partner you receive full training and licences of  software. Partners receive 24 hour support from Symtrax and all receive annual bonuses, as well as standard commission payments on all new sales.
Referral level: Simply recommend and refer a business to Symtrax and it will do the rest. As a referral partner you receive a percentage of the total sale price.

Compleo Suite
Compleo Suite, the document management solution of Symtrax, helps make document workflows more efficient, flexible and easy to use. The solution has archiving and multi-channel distribution capabilities and is fully compatible with any ERP system.

Here are two case studies that illustrate how the software can help customers:

TW Metals reduces its processing time for shipping documents

TW Metals relied on an industry-specific Warehouse & Distribution ERP package running native on an IBM Power System. Used by 150 employees in the UK, the ERP system controlled the routing of spool files to specific output queues from where they were printed and manually distributed.

TW Metals introduced Compleo Suite for a complete output management solution to design, distribute and archive business documents. However, it was not able to merge multiple PDF documents that were archived for distribution to its customers. It needed a solution that would read and reformat PDFs.

As TW Metals is a worldwide specialist in the metal distribution industry, it has to send out Mill Test Reports, Certificates of Conformity, along with Delivery Notes for shipments of materials to customers. All of these documents are created and archived differently. Compleo Layout enables TW Metals to merge and email these documents into a single document for customer distribution.

Compleo Layout is also used for managing incoming PDF documents from different sources, such as email attachments, and can be automatically configured to archive or extract relevant information from these documents and upload them to an ERP system.

TW Metals now uses Compleo Layout to manage 1,500 documents daily, bringing the benefits of reduced process times, improved automation and distribution of business documents to the customer by email, fax, archive or FTP – without having to print a single one.

Ricola automates SAP invoicing with Compleo

Ricola reached out to Symtrax as its SAP system was generating invoices and purchase orders formatted in PDF, but the process of sending invoices by email to wholesalers in the United States was completely manual.

Using Compleo Suite, Ricola’s PDFs are now grouped by wholesaler and automatically sent by email once a day. The PDF documents are synchronised with the company’s SAP database via a query variable to find the email address of the correct wholesaler, completely automating the entire process. Additionally, Compleo automatically limits an email’s number of attachments to 10 PDFs and concatenates them. Compleo Suite generates a new email if the number of attachments is greater than 10.

Compleo Suite modules allow Ricola to retrieve non-formatted spools from within its SAP system and convert them into PDFs, subsequently sending them to the correct users. Rolf Kohler, IT Manager at Ricola, says the solution was easy to implement and completed within a week.

He added: “I am very satisfied with the responsiveness of their customer service and impressed by the quick implementation with our existing system.” For him, the main benefits of Compleo Suite are the SAP connector, followed by the different modules (Layout and Supervisor) that exactly matched his needs.

Compleo allows Ricola to avoid input errors and to send, in a single document, both invoices and purchase orders automatically to its wholesalers. The process saves Ricola’s staff about two hours per day and helps ensure prompt invoice payment.

New opportunities

Symtrax offers a highly rewarding global resellers program. For more information, please call 0207 533 6607 or visit

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