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Documation partners with UIPath

Process automation and content management software company Documation is partnering with UIPath to offer customers robotic process automation (RPA) in addition to process automation based on its own BPM and content management platform.

John Wallace, CEO of Documation, said: “UiPath is the perfect complement to our own Enable BPM platform. Enable BPM provides powerful and comprehensive workflow for re-engineering business processes – replacing complex repetitive tasks such as Invoice Matching with AI-driven, server-based automation and providing streamlined interfaces for humans to handle the exceptions. Enable is a tool for transforming business processes for maximum efficiency and value. But no matter how much process transformation is achieved, there will still be gaps between processes, for example re-keying information from one application to another, logging into customer or supplier portals to gather information, or updating from Excel spreadsheets. UiPath is the ideal tool for filling those gaps and more. Together, Documation and UiPath will give customers the agility and flexibility to automate both rapidly and deeply with the right tools for every situation.”

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