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NortonLifeLock is targeting UK resellers with its first Norton reseller programme. Technology Reseller finds out more from Steve Wilson, U.K. and Ireland Director at NortonLifeLock

NortonLifeLock has followed the successful integration of Avira and BullGuard technologies acquired in 2021 into its market-leading Norton digital security products with the launch of a new reseller programme for the UK and Ireland.

The Norton Empower Reseller Program covers the entire Norton family of cyber security and identity protection solutions, including its all-in-one solutions (Norton 360, Norton 360 Advanced and Norton 360 for Gamers) and its recently launched standalone products (Norton Anti-track and Norton Identity Advisor Plus).

Steve Wilson, U.K. and Ireland Director at NortonLifeLock, says that the programme gives new and existing resellers, especially those from a BullGuard background, access to an all-encompassing and expanding product portfolio, backed by strong brand awareness and the marketing support of a large global company.

“Norton 360 is a wide-reaching product. Virus protection and malware protection are at its heart, but it also has features within it that didn’t exist previously within BullGuard products and services. There’s a lot of family protection functionality within the Norton product, like limiting the time different age groups spend online, and we have a secure VPN as standard within Norton 360. We also have a Password Manager as part of the product. Overall, Norton has a much richer product and feature offering, an all encompassing bundle of different features that you may find separately from other vendors in the marketplace, but which we at Norton provide in one product.”

He adds: “The Norton brand is extremely strong, with an excellent pedigree in cyber protection. We have very strong brand awareness and that’s a key strength that differentiates us in the market and can make it easier for resellers to make a sale. On top of that, we make a lot of marketing resources and marketing materials available to resellers to help them sell the product in their stores. Everything from door stickers to welcome mats to counter display units to giant boxes for store windows are available within the Norton Empower Reseller Portal for resellers to order as part of the programme, along with a full range of content and consumer education materials.”

Wilson says that the breadth of the Norton offering, combined with the high level of support provided, opens up opportunities for a much broader range of reseller partners.

“We’re excited to have our partners from the former BullGuard program on board and we also want to welcome new partners. Cyber safety is at the top of people’s minds for all sorts of reasons and with all the different audiences we can appeal to – whether it’s a family audience, protecting their children, protecting their parents or people looking for a VPN or people wanting to protect their identity or wanting to add protection during gaming – there’s a real opportunity for us to work with new partners that see these areas as a good revenue stream.”

To date, Norton has primarily been a consumer-focused brand, but its products are also commonly used in the micro business community.

Local expertise

Norton currently employs a number of routes to market in addition to its own online sales team. These include major retailers, large ISPs, resellers and, mainly in the US, employee benefits companies that offer Norton cyber security products on a salary sacrifice basis.

“That’s a very big channel for us in the US. It’s less prevalent across other parts of the world but we are looking at that kind of channel as well,” explains Wilson.

He points out that the reseller channel is a very important part of this mix, especially for customer acquisition.

“I have visited a lot of resellers since we have become more involved with this channel and have found the localised relationships and the expertise in the reseller community to be unmatched. People value these attributes more and more post-pandemic, and we see a real importance for this channel as a result.”

NortonLifeLock is underlining its commitment to this community by including a revenue share scheme as part of the reseller programme, which will give partners a recurring revenue stream for every one of their customers that renews.

“One of the key elements of the Norton Empower Reseller Program from a commercial perspective is that we offer revenue share to the reseller and let them keep track of all their orders and see who’s at what stage in the lifecycle via the programme portal through which they can also order products directly from us. For every consumer signed up who comes on a renewal journey, we will offer revenue share back to the partner. That revenue share is for up to three years and if a user within that three year-period upgrades or adds additional products, the clock starts again.”


Identity protection

Norton’s newest product, Norton Identity Advisor Plus, helps consumers protect their identity through a combination of identity monitoring and support from a dedicated Identity Restoration Specialist should ID theft be suspected.

To do this, it:

  • monitors social media for suspect activity linked to users’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts and warns of scams, phishing attempts and risky links in users’ social news feeds;
  • scans private forums, social webs, the deep web and dark web for evidence of ID theft; and
  • assigns an Identity Restoration Specialist to provide step-by-step support via a UK landline if ID theft is suspected. This includes guiding users through resolution processes with merchants, credit card companies, financial institutions, collection agencies, government agencies and other third parties, if necessary making three-way mediation calls with the victim and third party.

Norton Identity Advisor Plus comes with an easyto-use dashboard where users input the personal information they want to be monitored e.g. a driver’s licence number; up to five insurance account/ ID numbers; email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses; and up to 10 credit card numbers, financial account numbers and gamer tags.



Another way in which Norton supports its resellers, says Wilson, is through on-going education initiatives that both strengthen Norton brand awareness and boost demand for its solutions, which in some areas is still largely untapped.

“We do threat surveys on a regular basis, focussing on a different area each time. What these all highlight is the huge lack of awareness amongst consumers of the risks they are exposed to. In the last few months, for instance, we have had a big push on identity protection and uncovered some very frightening figures like the fact that in the last year 29% of Brits aged 18-34 have suffered some form of identity theft. That could be something as simple as somebody hacking your Facebook account, which you might consider unthreatening – unless the credentials you use for Facebook are the same as the ones you use for online banking, say.

“Another example is a survey we did on stalkerware, which is a very invasive piece of software that gives someone else the ability, unbeknownst to you, to monitor everything you do on a device – read your messages, track your location etc.. We found that during the pandemic, there had been a 63% increase in installations of stalkerware.

“There are different threats coming all the time. I think identity is probably the biggest surge we are seeing at a macro level, but there are always micro things like stalkerware that can come to prominence at any time. When there’s been a big breach of a major consumer brand, for example, we tend to find that not long afterwards some new threat will emerge as a result.”

By identifying and then addressing these risks with new features or new products Norton helps resellers maintain a dialogue with customers and prospects and gives them additional opportunities for recurring revenue from other products covered by the Norton Empower Reseller Program.

In addition to Norton 360 and Norton 360 Advanced, which also includes Norton Identity Advisor Plus (see box), these include three standalone products:

  • Norton 360 for Gamers – the full Norton 360 package with additional gaming functionality that monitors the dark web for the user’s credentials and any gamer tags and nicknames they use, while also improving gaming performance by separating the processing of computer functions from gaming functions;
  • Norton Anti-track, which monitors tracking by cookies and fingerprints and searches the dark web for leaked/stolen personal data; and
  • Norton Identity Advisor Plus. Wilson says that over the next few years Norton will continue to build on its core areas of expertise and expand into additional areas, offering resellers more revenue-generating opportunities.

“The direction for Norton in the next few years will be to continue to build on the strengths of our cyber threat defence for devices – the classic anti-virus – and expand on it with identity protection as one strategic area and also privacy and limiting the amount of data you may be sharing, while also making you aware of what you’re sharing.”

With the cyber threat showing no sign of abating, for businesses or consumers, and NortonLifeLock continuing to acquire additional capabilities, the Norton Empower Reseller Program is a perfect opportunity for resellers to expand their offering with this fast-growing company.

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