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Enhance your app-titude

Paul Swaddle explains how technology resellers can use apps to improve employee engagement

Faced with the challenges of maintaining employee engagement, HR professionals are turning to technology to help with recruitment, performance management, learning, wellness and feedback.TR_News_Image

One of the tools more and more are using to free up time and improve processes are mobile apps. These have benefits for a variety of applications, including:

Learning – Mobile learning applications for tablets and smartphones have enormous value for businesses and employees. They enable organisations to provide employees with highly interactive searchable content, including videos, surveys and multiple-choice tests, as well as the ability to comment on or share material with others. To make it even more engaging, everything can be gamified.

Worker Directory – This could include organisational charts, full worker profiles, social networking and the ability to complete simple employee actions, such as small changes to job descriptions or goal updates. In today’s hot-desking environment, an app could also tell you the location of colleagues.

Workforce Communications – For businesses with mobile and field-based employees, the ability to publish important workforce communications through a mobile app is very useful for maintaining engagement and for alerting remote workers about company news.

Recruiting – Whether they are new graduates or seasoned pros, a mobile recruiting application is a great way to keep candidates informed of progress throughout the sometimes tedious hiring process.

Working anywhere – Apps allow HR teams to save time by getting work done anywhere and at any time. They can also make training more efficient by enabling employees to complete modules in their own time, at their own convenience.

Candidate evaluation – The ability to complete work when convenient makes the candidate evaluation process much faster and more efficient. For example, it allows HR teams to look through CVs in more detail and makes it less likely that a good candidate will be missed due to time pressures.

Employee engagement – Apps can increase employee engagement and make training more appealing through the use of interactive content, such as videos, podcasts, embedded documents and gamification.

Data collection – Software like Google Analytics provides rich data on app usage, so that you can see how effective the app is at encouraging learning, for example. Data can also be used by employees to track their progress and set goals.

Mobile apps are a great opportunity for HR teams to make recruitment and training more efficient, to save time, to increase productivity and to improve decisionmaking, whilst also increasing employee engagement and satisfaction.

Paul Swaddle is Chairman of independent app developer Pocket App.

Enhance your app-titude
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